In late 2013 Great American Title Company approved the adoption and implementation of the American Land Title Association’s ALTA Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices.  A copy of which can be viewed at this hyperlink:  ALTA Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices.  Please note that Great American’s Best Practices closely follows the ALTA’s recommendations. Our most recent Certificate of Compliance and The Framework are hyperlinked as well. While reviewing our company’s policies and procedures please note that a great deal of information is considered confidential in nature.  Should you or your compliance team require physical review of these items you will be asked to execute a TPSP Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement prior to the release of such information.

Our website clearly indicates what is considered confidential by indicating review of information “Available Upon Written Request”.

Our Policies and Procedures are broken in to seven pillars:

Pillar 1 – Licensing

Pillar 2 – Escrow Trust Account

Pillar 3 – Privacy and Information Security

Pillar 4 – Settlement Process

Pillar 5 – Policy Production, Delivery, Reporting and Premium Remittances

Pillar 6 – Professional Liability Insurance

Pillar 7 – Consumer Complaints

The Pillars above are supported by additional detailed Policies and Procedures.  Hyperlinks to this information can be found in each Pillar. (Except for confidential information)

Should you have any questions about any of the materials found in our Best Practice Manual feel free to contact us at